Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sinus Infection

This is but the latest diagnosis in the string of things Judith has had wrong in the last month.  I wish my poor toddler would just be healthy for a full month.  I'm really beginning to hate winter.

That cough that's been lingering for the last month or so came back full-force this weekend.  She was coughing a bit Christmas Day, but by yesterday it was sounding wetter.  Overnight, she was so congested, and the cough was so wet sounding that we decided not to wait and called the pediatrician.

The whole day was one giant cluster eff: Judith's regular pediatrician was out of the office today, so we saw a different one - I was nervous about this, because we haven't seen anyone else, but he was truly awesome and had a good idea about everything (so I won't hesitate to request him again if Judith's regular doc isn't available!).  Then I tried calling Hershey to see what the pulmonologist would want us to do, and neither he or the nurse coordinator were there.  Cue some very minor frustration for me, but I knew we'd get through everything (albeit slowly).

The pediatrician looked Judith over, removed some wax from her ear, and diagnosed her with the sinus infection.  Thank goodness her lungs sounded relatively good, and the infection hasn't moved to her lower respiratory area!  We were at the office for a good hour: that included the exam, the call to Hershey to set up a course of treatment, and figuring out which pharmacies in the area would carry the antibiotic we need to give Judith.

After the appointment, I had to drive to a different pharmacy than the one we normally use to pick up the antibiotic.  I really was not thrilled with them, and it took them twice as long to fill it as it would have at CVS.  Top it off with the cold rain that decided to start, and I wasn't in the best of moods.  At least we got it though, and hopefully it'll do the trick.

So in addition to the antibiotic twice a day, we have to increase her inhaled meds and her CPT to 5 times a day.  Yep, that's right: 5 times of manual CPT for the next 10 days.  Trust me: I'll do whatever necessary to prevent the infection from developing elsewhere in her lungs, but it would be so much easier to do this with the vest (Judith has 4.5 lbs to go until she reaches the minimum weight, so hopefully we can start talking about that soon).  Hopefully Judith will start to feel better in the next day or 2, and we can wave goodbye to this crap for a while.

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