Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Judith gave us our first long, rough night.  Even when she was first home from the NICU and eating every 3 hours, she was easy to handle.  How we've managed to go almost 17 months without incident is beyond me, but when this kid lets loose, she lets loose big time.

We know she's teething - she's been working on molars for months with no results.  She's been fighting off the pseudomonas fairly well, but on top of those 2 factors we think she had her first nightmares... and it was recurring.  There's nothing like getting home later than you think, doing her breathing treatment, putting her in bed and falling asleep yourself only to be awakened about an hour later, just as you're hitting the nice deep sleep phase, by a shrieking toddler.  The wailing was cannily similar to the way she screams in terror at the pediatrician's office and at the CF clinic, but it wasn't until the following day that I thought of that.  At the time, we were frantically trying to figure out what her deal was, console her, and try to get her back to sleep.

She didn't have a fever, but I figured her teeth were really bothering her.  All of the horror stories I've heard from friends about the one year molars were leading me to believe we would see 1 or more making an appearance within the next couple of days.  So I decided we should try some Tylenol to help with the pain - something we rarely have to do for her (thank God she's been an easy teether so far).  A half hour later, she finally started calming down and would take some Pediasure and a mum mum.  She was dozing off with her straw cup, so we thought we'd be able to put her to bed and all would be well.

Wrong!  I was just getting ready to fall back into the deep sleep cycle after about an hour and a half when Judith started shrieking again.  We knew she wasn't hungry - there was no way, considering she downed about 4.5 oz of Pediasure the last time she was up.  We consoled her, and allowed her to doze in the bed for a few minutes.  Once we saw she was asleep, we tried putting her back in the Travel Lite.  She would scream, we'd pick her up, let her doze, and try again.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  Finally I gave up and said to John, "Just let her sleep in the bed with us."  We rearranged the dogs so Judith would have a space, and went back to sleep.  She slept the rest of the night that way, and eventually rolled herself onto her tummy into her usual comfy sleep position (and kept bopping me in the head with her hand).

I am not cut out for bed sharing, and neither is John.  Ironic, I know, considering we sleep with 2 furry, heat blasting bed hogs every night since 7/19/09 (24 hours after we adopted Buster & Lady).  Our queen size bed was just not made for 5.  Don't get me wrong: people who bed share safely get props from me, but it is not for us.  John & I couldn't get comfortable, I was constantly worrying that one of us would roll over onto her, and the dogs were beyond pissed that they lost their spots between us (and their access port for the nightly parade/game of "Go under the covers, go on top of the covers").  Judith slept like a log once she calmed down.  Figures.

The following day, we think we figured that she had a nightmare, and it kept playing over and over in her mind.  I said that she was probably dreaming that we took her to one of the doctor's offices, and she was getting shots or something.  It kind of stinks that we'll never know what was really bothering her, or what she was dreaming about (if she was, in fact, dreaming).  At least last night she slept through the night without incident, and hopefully tonight will be the same.

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