Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What We've Been Up To

It's been a crazy last few weeks!  Our house officially went on the market a week ago, and we were able to start the fun part of the process and look at real estate.  It's been crazy busy around here getting things prepped, but the house looks fantastic.  Now I'm at the point where I'm in "maintenance mode," feeling like I live in a museum, but I know it'll be worth it in the end.

Amid all of the chaos, Judith came down with a summer cold, causing her MRSA to flare, and was gracious enough to share her germs with me and my mom.  Her team put her on bactrim right away like they always do, but go figure now she's wised up to the crushed pills in her Pediasure and was fighting us with drinking it.  I'm hoping that in another year or 2, I can start to teach her to swallow pills so she won't have to worry about the nasty taste from the antibiotics.

We've also been using the new vest, and we seriously LOVE it!  Judith now has the independence and control with it that I really think she wanted with the other vest, and even though I still need to help her put hoses back on if she unlocks it mid-treatment, the majority of the time she can handle it herself with minimal help (typically one of us has to support the hose so she can lock it in place).

Making our lives even easier was the arrival of the Raksog cart!  I'm seriously glad that so many people recommended this cart, and that we have a vest system that I know would easily fit into it!  It took some tweaking to get the middle shelf placed at the proper height so I could get the generator in and out of the bottom shelf, but overall the cart was easy to assemble.  I bought 2 plastic "woven" storage baskets at Lowes (a perk, because they're super easy to clean) that fit beautifully in the top shelf, and Judith's meds and neb supplies now reside in those.  Her nebulizer is housed on the middle shelf, along with her vest, and the generator is on the bottom.  The one thing I want to do is try to find some hooks that will hang on the side of the shelves so I can hang the hoses on them.  Currently they're draped over the top of the cart, and that works, but I'm thinking hooks will make things look neater.

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