Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Latest X-Ray Results

Everything still looks good!  I'm waiting to hear back from our CF nurse to see if we need to do any more for monitoring purposes, but I'm hoping this one is the last one we'll have to do for a while.  The current dosing of the miralax seems to be keeping things moving well, which is good.

Judith's also been doing well with pooping on the toilet, and is mostly successful!  I still have her in diapers or a pull up during the day, but it's been so nice not to have to change a diaper full of nasty CF poo every day.  She still has some accidents and will go in her diaper, but it seems like the majority of her poops are going into the toilet.  Hooray!  The biggest issue is getting her to tell us before she has to go, and working toward that is our next step.

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