Saturday, May 30, 2015

Super Judith

Earlier this week, we got a pleasant surprise in the mail. Something really cool, from an awesome organization!

It's a custom superhero cape from TinySuperheroes!

TinySuperheroes will send capes to children with illnesses or disabilities, and will also send capes to siblings (Super Sidekicks) to help empower them in their journey!

Judith is in love with her cape, and it's her new favorite accessory! She was so excited to open the package, and that excitement escalated when she saw what it was. She's been zooming around the house often while wearing it, and even wears it during treatments.

She wasn't sure if she could even wear it with her vest at first, but I told her that this was something that goes over top of everything, and wouldn't cause a problem with getting her vest on. I also told her that she could wear her cape during vest treatments to give some extra power to get rid of the "icky sticky mucus" that is in her lungs, and she was sold on wearing it.

We are so grateful to TinySuperheroes, for their mission to empower kids, and especially those with special needs! This cape is bringing a smile and some sunshine into Judith's life, and the timing is perfect because things have been a bit rough here lately, and she will have some additional challenges going forward (which I will briefly discuss at a later time once I feel ready to post about it).

Thank you, TinySuperheroes!

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