Friday, August 7, 2015

Kicking CF's Butt

Things are finally (almost!) sorted out with insurances, and we received our Pulmozyme yesterday! Our medicaid provider is requiring a preauthorization for coverage of the prescription, which Dr. G. warned us might happen, but I was kind of expecting our primary provider to be the ones to push back. So instead of waiting an additional 7-10 days for that to go through, and then however many additional days until Walgreens could ship the meds to us, I decided to just pay the regular copay for this month, and get started.

We have 2 doses in, and so far, so good! Judith's biggest complaint is that it "smells funny" and that she doesn't "like the way it smells." Keep in mind that this is Judith's 2nd experience with nebulized medications, and she wouldn't remember doing TOBI because she was too young. Since she takes her albuterol via inhaler and spacer, the smell is slightly different. Honestly, though, I'm not sure if she's really smelling the pulmozyme, because I caught some of the mist coming out of the mask and it didn't smell funky to me, or if she's actually smelling the plastic from the mask and other parts. Regardless, she's not physically fighting me to try and not do it; verbally, through many protests, yes, but that's so typically Judith.

I'm eagerly waiting to see the difference this drug is going to make for her! After the exacerbations last cold/flu season, I'm really hoping that this will help her clear the crud out of her lungs easier.

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