Friday, December 4, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday, Judith!

It's a day late, but things have been crazy around here this past week, so I didn't have a chance to log on and create a post yesterday.

I can't believe how fast time is flying! In a few short months, we'll be looking at starting transitional meetings with the school district for Judith, and facing kindergarten registration. I also realized that I've hit a point where I realize how small Judith really was at birth, and remember the NICU, but some things are starting to become a bit hazy; the memories are refreshed when I look at her pictures, but at this point, it's not something I think about as regularly, probably because of how big she's getting, and also the general passage of time that tends to cause memories to blur.

It's an exciting time right now. I really love this age, and the primary grades were always among my favorites to teach. I absolutely love when I'm able to get a subbing assignment that involves general music for the primary grades! Judith has some differences from other kids her age, but one thing she doesn't lack is the enthusiasm for various things in the world around her, and she loves to learn new things (even though she tends to forget a lot of stuff relatively quickly). She says some of the funniest stuff, and often has us laughing at her commentary.

Judith certainly has her favorite things: the dogs, Legos, Shopkins, My Little Pony, Minions, Play Doh, books, animals, and Olivia (from the series of books by Ian Falconer). She has plenty of things she dislikes, and doesn't hesitate to make it known.

Happy birthday, Judith!

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