Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Reculture and Miscellaneous Musings

Our days have been fairly busy lately, especially now that Judith is walking all over the place and getting into everything she possibly can.  She seriously wears me out big time - at least I'm getting a decent amount of exercise chasing after her!

Thursday and Friday of last week we enjoyed some warmer weather.  Friday's temperatures were high enough that I was able to break out one of the adorable smocked sun suits I purchased for Judith a couple months ago!  I decided to go with the Preppy Alligator pattern from Shrimp & Grits Kids:

 Removing all of her animals from the chair

Check out that ruffle butt!

Adorable detailing, and a bonus side-eye (she's getting rather good at that...)

On Saturday I packed Judith and the dogs into the car and drove to my parents' for a little visit!  The dogs were excited to go to their house again, but were apprehensive at first - they weren't sure about what was going on with my dad, and they finally warmed up and realized things are ok after an hour or 2.  I went with my mom to the salon to get haircuts, and Judith had a great time trying to de-shelve the brightly colored bottles of products and playing in the hair that was cut off of my mom's head and my head.

Sunday afternoon we caught a break.  John played in our local AGO chapter's member's recital, and got a ton of compliments on one of his arrangements!  Thanks to these people complimenting him, he got an extra dose of motivation to start contacting publishers to get some of his stuff out there (I've been encouraging him to do this for years, but I guess this was the push he needed to really take it seriously).  Since Judith decided naps are for quitters (that made for an interesting worship service), I stayed home with her so she could sleep and I could relax.

We'll skip over Monday since it was a boring day with minimal action.  Fast forward to today: I took Judith to Hershey for her reculture of her throat/sputum.  While we still have 3 more doses of TOBI to give her, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the meds worked and the pseudomonas are gone.  We probably won't get the results until Monday.

I was alone with her for this appointment, and thankfully she didn't have an epic meltdown - she was by no means happy about having her throat swabbed, and melted down a little bit, but it didn't last as long as normal.  She even reached out to the nurse for her to hold her!  Of course after the nurse swabbed her, Judith gave her best "boo boo" face and cried, but when I reminded her that she wouldn't see Dr. Graff at this appointment she calmed down.

Speech therapy went well today!  Judith babbled more for her therapist, and we got a charge out of her carrying around a canister lid and laughing hysterically at Lady, who was closely trailing her - Lady naturally saw a disc shaped object and assumed it was a frisbee for her, and wanted to play with it but Judith wasn't giving it up!  I knew she was getting tired on top of it, because she was extra silly, but I was also impressed at how focused she was when playing with Lady!  Naturally Lady had a blast chasing after Judith, even though she didn't understand why Judith wouldn't just throw the lid for her.


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