Sunday, May 27, 2012

She Speaks!

Judith's finally saying a word consistently!  It's pretty darn exciting!  In the past, she's said mama, dada, baby, boon (for balloon), boo (Buster's nickname), and piggy.  In the last week and a half, however, she's been saying baby more regularly, and even uses it in context!  It felt like it's been taking forever for her to get to this point, since she's been stringing sounds together for months, but I think we're starting with our first small word explosion!

It's still not a consistent thing, but she did say Boo in context a few times in the past week, and today she felt it was necessary to (loudly) say Dada a couple times during a quieter part of the service in church.  With any luck, those words will become just as consistent as the rest!  She's also recognizing more commands, and signing "more" and "all done."  She's consistently waving goodbye with a little encouragement - she practiced for almost a half hour after church today, waving at everyone who talked to her because she was ready to go home!

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