Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012 and a Culture Update

We've been pretty busy the last few days!  Saturday we took a trip to the pumpkin patch.  My MIL and niece came for a visit, and went with us.  Judith did have a good time, but she seriously protested the hayride.  She was melting down waiting in line, and was still having a fit when we got on the cart.  John ended up taking her off the ride and took her to play in the kid's area.  My niece and I continued on the ride and had a good time!

Judith really enjoyed herself sensory area!  They had feed corn in troughs and old tractor tires, and the kids could dig and play with it.  They also had some hay bales with little slides.  She got to see some chickens and goats (she kept saying "doggie" for the black and white goats), and picked out a small pumpkin.

I do have pictures from Saturday, but I'm waiting to post them tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday.  So if you're curious, you'll have to come back later!

We did get the culture results back for Judith's abscess.  Go figure she cultured positive for MRSA.  The spot is getting better, and hasn't drained for a few days.  However, we had to switch antibiotics, and getting her to take the bactrum has been a massive battle.  All of my regular tricks that we use to get the drugs into her have failed miserably.  I've tried masking the meds in pediasure, pudding, water - just about everything I could think of.  No matter what we do, she can taste the meds and promptly spits them out.  Giving it to her straight results in lots of puking and gagging, so that was quickly ruled out as an option.  We have 4 days/8 doses to go, and I have a feeling it's going to be a long 4 days.


  1. have you tried making some strawberry milk and putting the meds in that? That is one way I trick my LO... Make sure you use a good amount of the strawberry flavor though!

    1. I actually mixed it in with some strawberry Pediasure, and it helped. Thanks for the tip - I'm going to remember it for next time, and hopefully she won't be wise to what I'm doing and it'll work again!