Saturday, January 12, 2013

January Thaw

We've had quite the warm streak the past few days, and if the predictions hold true tomorrow will be the warmest yet.  I'm pleasantly surprised that we didn't get blasted with a.) a massive nor'easter/blizzard or b.) insanely heavy rain that would cause flooding this past week since it was Farm Show week, and many years in the past we've been hit with big storms.  Hooray for uneventful weather!  The downside is all of our snow is basically gone.  Not that there was a ton left to begin with - mainly the gross, dirty piles caused by the plows and whatnot.  Many would disagree with me, but I hope we get a fresh coating so we can go out and play in it.  As long as it's not on the day we have our appointments, I'm cool with it.

Judith started out the week with some disappointment since we took all of our Christmas decorations down last weekend.  We traditionally leave everything up until Epiphany (sometimes until the weekend after depending when the 6th falls), and since it was actually on a Sunday this year it kind of worked out nicely.  Judith got used to seeing the tree in the living room whenever she came downstairs, and when it wasn't there anymore she was trying to figure out what happened to it.  Even though we didn't do a ton of decorating this year, it was still neat to see her reactions to everything and explore the ornaments and lights.  I was proud, too, because she generally left the tree alone and didn't try to undecorate it too often!

I had a subbing day this past Thursday, so Judith got to spend some time with her Pawpaw.  They had a blast together (like always!), and it was a good change of pace for both of us (even though I was essentially walking into a petri dish at the school because the illnesses are hitting hard).  I was kind of glad for the diversions since it took my mind off of everything else that's going on with her.

The worst part of the week has been the news reports of the flu epidemic.  I'm germophobic to begin with, and this has set my anxiety over the edge.  I've been keeping Judith at home as much as possible, and trying to avoid crowds.  I know eventually we won't be able to avoid this stuff, and won't have the luxury of staying home all the time (like when she's in school), but right now it's very much a personal situation for me of "old habits are hard to break."  I think if the strain going around wasn't so virulent and if the vaccine was offering greater protection I'd feel a little differently.  I'm even nervous to take her to her appointments, especially since we have to go into the main hospital for the ultrasound.  I highly doubt Judith'll keep a mask on, but I'm really going to try to get her to wear it for her own sake.

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