Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dollar Challenge!

It's been a week, we're here, and I really don't have anything new to blog about.  Instead, I'm going to pose a challenge to you, and hopefully you'll be willing to help out our team for the Great Strides walk!

I'm starting a Dollar Challenge.  I'm really close to my personal goal, and would like to reach or exceed it!  So my challenge to you is to donate at least $1 to our team.  Dig under the couch cushions, under the car seats, the bottom of your purse, wherever you have spare change lying around.  For every dollar donated, about $.90 goes back to CF patients in various ways, one of them being for the studies for VX-809 and VX-661.  With your help, Journey for Judith can reach our team goal and help so many people like Judith who are affected by this disease!

Donating is easy!  Click on the badge on the right sidebar and enter your amount!  We appreciate anything you can do to help!

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