Friday, April 26, 2013

What A Week

It's been interesting, and I blame full moon.  It always baffles me how such a natural occurrence can make people and animals go bat crap crazy.

Judith has been a whiny mess for most of the week.  I do think part of the problem are the pesky molars that still have not cut through her gums.  She is gnawing on things more than she previously was, so I'm hoping we're nearing the end of teething.

Last Friday my poor little peanut was so constipated and so tanked up on miralax that I didn't know what to do to give her relief.  She finally was able to go mid-morning, and for the last week her diapers have been rather interesting.  It's been a long time since we've burned through so many diapers in a day, but I'm glad she's cleaning her system out.  On top of that, she started coughing again.  It's not anything super serious like a respiratory infection, but it's happening more than normal.  I just wish I knew what I could do for her to help make it better, and I wish I knew if it was allergies or something else.

Sometime next week we'll get Judith's 4th pair of frames since she got her glasses last September.  It's not a bad break, and the same thing happened this time as the last time: the coiled wire piece that wraps around her ear unraveled and weakened, but this time it actually snapped off.  John and I are trying to keep it taped so she has her glasses for the weekend.  I wish I would've realized it was that bad yesterday so they could've called in the order and had them in the office faster (last time they had the frames there within 24 hours).  This is yet another time when I'm grateful that her ophthalmologist has that 1 year warranty on the frames!

The dogs have kept me on my toes as well.  I'm almost convinced that Lady is starting to develop some arthritis in the shoulder that she injured a few times (I jokingly call it a sports injury, since it usually happens when she's playing).  She started limping early in the week, and I had to restrict her play times so she could rest the shoulder a little more.  Lady still gets rather pissy when this happens, but she's also a little better at accepting it.  Buster's having allergy issues, and keeps reverse sneezing frequently.  Poor pup is so itchy, too.

I was able to snap a cute picture on Wednesday, so since I forgot to do a Wordless Wednesday post I'll share it now.  I like to call it "breakfast with a friend":

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