Sunday, May 19, 2013

Great Strides Walk!

Yesterday was the big day, and we had a lot of fun!  They changed venues from last year, and I wasn't quite expecting the hills we had to walk up, so my leg muscles are a bit sore today but it was definitely worth it.  I finally got to meet one of my friends I've been talking to online for the last 2.5-3 years, along with her adorable son and her husband!  I was also able to spend time with another friend, and also with my family.  I'm not sure what our final total will be, because we handed in a bunch of money yesterday and I know my parents have more to mail in, so I will update with a final total once I get it.

The weather wasn't too bad: cloudy, and there was a small shower at the beginning of the walk, but it was cool and great weather for walking!  They had a bunch of activities for the kids, including a clown and a guy who has reptiles (we kind of avoided that because he had a huge snake, and I don't care for snakes at all).  I got to talk to one of my CF mom friends, which was also great because we can't get together with the kids for obvious reasons.

This year, instead of doing wristbands, they made t-shirts for all of the CF patients so they would be easily identifiable and we could enforce the new 6 foot rule.  It did make a difference, and Judith also got her own shirt out of it.

I doubt we raised enough money for the team banner this year, but they did do team signs for every team that raised at least $200, so that was nice!  We're planning to hang it in Judith's room.  I know she's still too little to really appreciate it, but maybe someday she will.

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