Wednesday, June 19, 2013

2.5 Year Well Visit

Judith had another well baby (or I guess that should be well toddler) visit this morning.  She wasn't in the greatest mood when she woke up, and I now realize it's because she's constipated again, so the visit was a little interesting.  It was almost like she was reverting back to the fits she had previously, but with a new twist: she was super clingy and was demanding I hold her almost the entire time.  I'm interested to see how she reacts at her next clinic visit.

Everything looks and sounds good!  She's currently 25 1/2 lbs (14%) and 34" tall (10%).  I'm excited that she's finally above the 10% range on the charts, but at the same time I realize she really hasn't gained a lot in the last few months, which means we're going to get an earful from the nutritionist at our clinic visit.  I'm still holding out hope that as she gets older, it'll be a little easier to get her to eat.

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