Monday, July 22, 2013

Culture Update and Vitamins

Normally if we don't receive a phone call, everything is normal with her cultures (and often her lab work).  I didn't receive a call, and honestly I didn't even think twice about it until this weekend!  So I called this morning, and her cultures were normal save for the same strain of MRSA that she's been culturing for a while now.  Normal cultures are always a good thing!

I'm hoping we won't have too many issues with her vitamins once I get her new prescription.  About a month ago, I called to get a new prescription because we were running low.  Previously I was getting bottles from the clinic, but because there was a slight shortage when we needed the new prescription, I couldn't get a bottle from them and we had to order them from the pharmacy.  When they arrived, they smelled HORRIBLE.  Like stale dog food mixed with stinky feet horrible.  Judith wisely did not take them, and I assumed they were bad.  I called the pharmacy after talking with our CF nurse, and we got a second bottle sent.  We had the same problem, and I decided to take them with us to our appointment.  As soon as the team walked in, they could smell the nasty odor coming from the prescription bottle, and said they would investigate what was causing it.

It turns out that the Aquadeks chewables underwent a formulation change, and they added more Vitamin B to them which was causing some of the odor.  Putting them in the orange colored bottle only made the smell worse.  So they were indeed safe to take, but the heinous stench was extremely off-putting to my toddler (and let's be honest, I don't blame her, nor would I want to take something that smelled that disgusting!).  We're going to try to get approval for more than a month's worth of vitamins so we can get them in the original bottle and hopefully avoid this stinky issue.  Keep your fingers crossed that it works!

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