Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lab Results and Flooring

The carpet and really ugly '80s linoleum are gone from the lower level, and the hardwood is down!  It looks absolutely fantastic, and I'm really glad that we went this route!  We have a big delay with the upstairs because we were a box of wood short, and naturally the place we purchased it from didn't have any more boxes in this specific warehouse.  Instead of finishing the whole project this weekend and restoring the house to a less chaotic state, we have to wait until next weekend to wrap this up.  It's not ideal, but at least we can move things around in the lower level and get most of that back to normal.

On a separate note, I called the clinic yesterday and got Judith's test results.  Her team was at the big CF conference last week, so I wasn't able to get the results from her chest x-ray within a couple days like I normally can.  Good news is there is no change.  X-ray looks good, and they didn't note any significant blockages in her intestines (if they could even see anything).  Her throat cultures are growing her usual MRSA, but we're still going to monitor instead of treating aggressively at this point.

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