Tuesday, March 18, 2014

General Updates

Things are still somewhat stagnant here because of the yo-yo-ing weather, but I'm starting to get excited because we actually have huge patches of grass visible, and the snow geese have been migrating north over the last few weeks so we know spring is coming.  It's so nice not to look out the window and see huge piles of white everywhere.  Now if the temperatures would cooperate and get closer to our seasonal average, we'll be in good shape.  I want to be able to open up the windows and start airing out the house!

Trips to the playground are just around the corner.  It's a huge plus, because I know Judith misses it, and getting out of the house will be good for everyone.  She's been begging me to go to Hersheypark almost daily, and I have to explain that the park isn't open yet, and won't be open regularly for a couple months (although Springtime at Hershey is coming up in about a month, and I'm hoping the weather is decent so we can go!).

This winter has been hard on everyone, and I know Judith and I have been butting heads.  Some of it is from being cooped up in the house so much, but a lot of it is the age.  We still have a long way to go before she turns 4, but I often find myself thinking and hoping that she'll turn a corner and some of this attitude will stop.  She is so sassy it's borderline ridiculous!  Everyone talks about the "terrible 2s," but 2 had nothing on 3.  My one brother-in-law joked that Judith should give up sassiness for Lent, and my answer back was, "Well that would certainly make for an awesome 40 days!"

So many things right now are "No," "I can't," or "I don't want to!"  The selective hearing on top of that makes a great recipe for extreme frustration... on my part.  She is constantly pushing her limits, and fighting almost everything.  One thing she isn't fighting as much is her vest, which is a pleasant change.  I have no idea if she's finally starting to understand that treatments are non-negotiable and she has to do them or if it's just because it's such an integral part of our daily routine, but I'll take what I can!  I have to thank Disney Jr. and Sheriff Callie's Wild West as well, because it's a huge motivator for Judith since she wants to wear a vest just like Callie.  Now, if I could only find a sheriff's badge, a pink cowboy hat, and some pink cowboy boots, we'll be in even better shape.

Judith's imagination is really starting to take off, though, and hearing some of the things she comes up with is pretty awesome.  When she's not being a total sassypants, she's entertaining us with her stories.  The other week, I received full instructions on how to ride a carousel horse, and yesterday I was told that hippos "hip."  Sunday, during communion, she made our pastor and one of the communion assistance laugh because she cuddled the wafer to her cheek and said "aww, I love it!"  So she definitely has her adorable moments, even though she drives me up a wall regularly.

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