Friday, June 13, 2014

So About That New Vest...

I got our call back Wednesday afternoon, and it was shipped out yesterday!  Talk about fast service!  Between the 2 insurance plans, everything will be 100% covered, so we'll have no out of pocket payments.  Insurance was waiting for the final paperwork and whatnot to give approval, so hopefully everything continues to go through smoothly.

The next step is to wait for the call from the respiratory therapist who is a rep for Respirtech so we can set up an appointment for them to come to the house and train us on the machine.  Since we're already using a vest and are familiar with how it works for airway clearance, we had the option to waive the training, but I told the rep that John and I would still like to go through with it so the RT can show us the ins and outs of the new machine.  I'm sure I could easily figure out how to use it by reading the instructions and whatnot, but it's just going to be easier for the RT to show us what to do since my reading time is limited these days.

We're hoping that we can get an appointment set up for the end of next week.  I'm also planning to order the Ikea cart that I linked in a previous post.  I'm going to bite the bullet and pay the $15 in shipping, because if the fuel cost estimates are accurate on mapquest, it's going to cost almost that much for me to drive round trip to the nearest store.  The extra dollar or 2 that I would be saving by driving will go toward saving my sanity because I won't have to worry about driving on the highways around Philly, which can be pure hell.

I'm also keeping my fingers crossed that the novelty of a new vest will stick around for a bit, because Judith's been fighting me during treatment times... again.  I know full moon last night has not helped with anything around here, but even once that has passed each month she's still a nightmare.  At least she's been eating a little more, so I guess that compensates for the constant whining I hear for the entire half hour she's on her vest.  After an hour each day of listening to that awful whining, it's no wonder I'm ready to pull my hair out some nights, and just feel like I want to fast forward to bed time.

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