Friday, June 6, 2014

Imaginative Play, CF Style

Somewhat recently, Judith has really taken off with her imaginative play.  Some of it makes me laugh, because for our house it's a totally normal occurrence, but in other homes it would be a nutritional concern for a typical kid.  For example, literally a few minutes ago, Judith was at the coffee table preparing some "food" for her Bitty Baby (appropriately named Bitty).  She's standing here, ticking off the ingredients, and says, "Now we add the salt!"

Can you tell that salt is a preferred condiment around here?  And she's been getting more of it lately since we've had some warmer and more humid days, so I've been getting back into the habit of making sure she's getting extra doses to replenish what she's losing when she sweats.

Just the other day, I heard her saying something about doing breathing treatments on her doll.  I'm going to work on cleaning out the supply caddy we have, and getting things into baskets for better organization, so I may dig out her old, tiny spacer so she can pretend with that.

Now I'm waiting for her to find her old percussors and want to do manual CPT on her toys.

It's amazing hearing all of this, and realizing how much she's really understanding and picking up on even though we might think she's not quite getting it.  At the same time, it sucks that she even knows what any of this is.


  1. I am a CF mom with a 2 year old. The funniest imaginary CF play she did was she made her feet do breathing treatments complete with spitting up mucus. It was pretty hilarious. I often think about when she goes to kindergarten and realizes that not all mothers spend their mornings inhaling meds and spitting in cups!

  2. Look! I am commenting!

    I know that many kids who have chronic health conditions work that into their play, and it sounds like Judith is doing the same! Such a smart little girl you have there!

    It was great to see you guys at the reunion!