Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Appointments, Appointments, and More Appointments

To say the month of September is packed full this year is an understatement.  We have a slew of appointments happening, which wouldn't be quite as bad if we didn't have to go for the regular x-rays to make sure Judith's bowels are un-dilating and going back to normal, but it's still a lot on top of the numerous plans and activities we have scheduled for the month.

Yesterday, Judith had her annual follow up ultrasound on her kidneys, and an appointment with nephrology.  This was to check and monitor the calcification they detected on her kidneys a couple years ago, to make sure things didn't get worse.  We knew going into the appointment that if things remained the same or improved, we would be discharged from their services.  I was very pleased to hear the doctor come into the exam room and say that everything looks the same, that they will attribute the problems to her prematurity (which apparently this isn't totally unheard of for some preemies), and will be discharging her from services!

If there's 1 thing I like, it's to be able to eliminate and knock a specialists off of the already long list that we see.  Especially since I know that the odds of adding more as the CF progresses is high.

The ultrasound was an interesting occurrence, and Judith did spend a fair amount of time during the scan crying and screaming in terror.  She had herself convinced that we were "just getting an x-ray," even though I explained that she was getting a different kind of picture taken that used a magic wand instead of a big camera to see her insides.  To say she was not amused with the scan is an understatement.  All things considered, it went well, but both my mom and I were exhausted because it takes a lot out of you trying to keep Judith still so the techs can get the shots they need.

Coming up later in the month, Judith has her next x-ray, and if that still looks good, we may only have to do 1 or 2 more before we can discontinue them (and hopefully won't need them again for a while).  I am concerned by the amount of radiation she's been blasted with since mid-July, including the multiple x-rays she had while inpatient, and will be relieved when she can get a break from all of that.

We also have her annual eye exam, which could prove to be an interesting experience since I know they'll dilate her eyes.  But Judith is so excited about being able to get new glasses that it's making me more excited to get her some new frames as well.  If I knew we could keep her current frames longer and still have a valid warranty, I'd do it, because they're in really good shape and she doesn't seem to have outgrown them.  I can guarantee that I'm getting the same brand, because it has been absolutely fantastic not having to worry about her snapping something constantly and going for repairs every few weeks!  The most I've had to take her for were some adjustments to the nose pieces, and in the last year I think I can count on 1 hand how many times that has happened.

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