Thursday, September 18, 2014

What We've Been Up To

I wanted to post a general update, and really had no idea what to title this post.  Things have been stable on the CF front since Judith's July clean out (knock on wood!), so I often feel like I don't have anything to talk about.  So I thought I'd share some of the interesting things that have been happening around here.

Judith's imagination is really taking off.  She's coming up with some interesting stories, and they're often making John and I laugh.  On the flip side, this also means she's coming up with scenarios that aren't real, but are scaring her.  Monsters in her room is a big complaint right now, even though she has her stuffed Mike and Sully from Monsters, INC to help her.  She knows they're good monsters, but more often than not she's ending up in our bed in the evenings, or will occasionally wake us up in the middle of the night.

We were able to spend a lot of time at the amusement park this season thanks to the cooler and nicer weather patterns that we've been in.  Judith tried some new rides and found new favorites that she wants to ride over and over again.  We went to the zoo this past Monday, and I thought she would enjoy it more than what she did since she loves to watch Wild Kratts on PBS.  It may have been her mood, and I want to try going again this fall, because it really is a neat little place.

John and I are getting increasingly frustrated with trying to sell the house.  It's not our realtors' fault by a long shot, and they keep doing everything they can to plug it.  I place all of the blame on the market right now.  It was slow in our area in August, and I'm not sure what September's looking like, but for us it's really discouraging that no one has shown a lick of interest in our house.  We're getting to a point where we can't continue to drop the price, and we're stressed that we could be sitting here longer than we anticipated.  It really is going to take the right person to come along and place an offer, but it's purely a waiting game for that to happen.  And I hate long, drawn out waiting games.

In the meantime, I'm planning out some fall activities for us to look forward to: trips to the local orchards for fall festivals, play dates with friends, and trips to the amusement parks when they're open.  There are some family events coming up as well that will be fun, and we're really looking forward to them.

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