Friday, January 23, 2015

Appointment Week

We didn't have appointments every day this week, but we did have 2 scheduled, and on top of everything else right now, it led to kind of a chaotic week.

The big appointment was the quarterly clinic visit, which overall went really well.  Judith did lose another few ounces, and is down over half a pound at this point, so while they're concerned, it's not at an immediate action point.  She was 31 lbs 7 oz, and her new BMI is 17%.  Since she's been sick, that could be contributing to her loss of appetite, and we're waiting to see if she can regain the lost weight once she's feeling better.  Because her cough is starting to come back, and because she's still pretty congested, she's on another round of antibiotics to see if we can fight off whatever else might be brewing.  We're trying something different, and avoiding the bactrim for now, so she's taking azithromycin for 10 days.

We're going to have to go for a sleep study at some point, because Judith's snoring at night is getting worse.  Granted part of it is due to the congestion, but even when she's not congested, she'll snore.  Dr. G. wants to rule out obstructive sleep apnea, which is apparently very common in young kids, and often gets worse/peaks around Judith's age.  Depending on what the results of the study are, she might need to have her tonsils and adenoids removed.

The other appointment was this morning, and that was a repeat hearing test ordered by her PCP.  Judith didn't quite understand what to do with the test they run in the office, and she wasn't fully cooperating, so they wanted to double check and make sure she's hearing the tones she should be hearing.  Part of the concern also stems from all of the antibiotics she was on while in the NICU to fight off the various infections, because some of them are known to cause hearing loss in preemies and term newborns.  She passed her previous tests, but we wanted to make sure that we didn't miss anything or something started to manifest after her previous test before she turned 1.

She was actually really cooperative today, and the audiologist said that things looked pretty good!  The activities they did with her to get her to respond to the sounds she was hearing were much better than the typical "raise your hand when you hear the sound in your ear" that her pediatrician used (or in other words, how many of us did it during our hearing tests in school).  I was pleasantly surprised at how long she was able to focus!  I'm waiting for a call from her PCP at some point to go over the results more extensively, but we know she's hearing the majority of stuff, and when she ignores us it's more of a selective deal.

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