Monday, May 9, 2011

Busy Weekend

What a busy weekend!

Thursday night began the chaos.  We have 2 long leads staked into the ground out back for the dogs to go out on.  Long story short, one of the leads was rusted and fraying, and we knew it would need to be replaced soon.  John let Buster & Lady out for the night - Lady did her thing and rushed back into the house, and Buster was doing his usual sniff-every-inch-of-the-patio-and-yard-because-there-might-be-something-interesting thing.  Next thing John knew Buster was way out in the yard (much farther than he should have been), sniffing around the little tree.  Apparently the actual lead completely separated from the clip, and Buster got free.  I don't know if he realized what had happened - I'm figuring his thought process went something like this:

"Wow, there are some good smells in the grass tonight!  Hey, there's a good smell here, let's check it out.  Ooh, I haven't smelled here before for some reason.  Let's keep investigating..."

John quickly noticed what was happening, and immediately took off after Buster.  I think Mr. Boo finally realized what was going on, and took off toward our neighbor's yard, then immediately onto the patio and up to the door (I'm guessing he followed his usual trail he takes to come back in).  Poor dog probably thought he was in a fenced yard again and had free roam.

Yeah...that lead was replaced this weekend.

On Friday we took Judith to John's place of employment for a baby shower.  Everyone was beyond thrilled to finally meet our little peanut!  John's department had gifts and a cake waiting for us, and his supervisor also had lunch consisting of delicious meatball sandwiches, deli salads, and chips (yum!).  Judith was definitely a hit, and everyone wants to know when we'll bring her back again!  We topped the day off with bath time for the doggies.  They finally smell nice again, and they're actually black & white instead of black & off-white.

Saturday was a long, but very fun day.  Judith attended her very first CRHS (Conrail Historical Society) Rail-B-Q.  We railfanned our way over to my in-laws' house (we saw a few trains), visited with my mother-in-law, then went to the park for the Rail-B-Q.  We saw some good action along the Pittsburgh line, and Judith got to meet John's best friend (and his wife and daughter) along with many of the other members of the group.

Sunday was my first official Mother's Day.  I was able to "celebrate" last year with Buster and Lady, but it was different this year with Judith here!  I got the necklace I wanted, a card from Judith, and a jade tree from Buster, Lady, & Judith.  I am fascinated by the jade tree, but I have no clue how to care for it.  Apparently John doesn't either, so some research is in order!  It's a cute little plant though.

Anyway, we drove to one of the churches John used to play at and attended services there.  It was so nice to go back for a visit, and everyone loved meeting Judith!  It's so nice when we can go back for a visit, but we both always end up leaving a little sad because it's such a nice church and the people are really warm and caring.  Don't get me wrong - there are tons of people that care about us at our current church.  It's really one of those things that you don't realize how much you miss being somewhere until you're not there anymore, and you develop a different appreciation of it.

The rest of Sunday was spent at home - we were originally going to drive from church down to my parents' house to watch the annual Make-A-Wish convoy (it goes right past the house), but my one grandmother got sick and we can't take Judith there until she's better.  While I was bummed about missing the convoy, it felt good to be able to just relax at home and spend the remainder of the day with John & Judith.  We did have to make a trip to Petsmart and Target for dog food and formula, but thankfully those were quick trips and we could get back home quickly.

Today was a recovery day, one where I attempt to get Judith back on her regular schedule.  Naturally she decided to scream like a maniac when I would put her down for longer than 10 seconds (literally, with very few exceptions).  Hopefully tomorrow will be better, because she has PT again in the afternoon.

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  1. Glad to hear that Buster made it back in ok!