Sunday, May 29, 2011

Solids and Rolling

Or in Buster's case, it could be rolling in solids haha!

We are having an eventful weekend so far!  Buster is outside right now (it's about 5 pm Sunday), did his thing in our yard, then ventured over to our neighbor's side, sniffing the grass.  He proceeded to roll around for quite a long time, rubbing his scent into the grass.  I have a feeling Marbles the cat was out there at some point, and Buster decided to rub out her scent.  He was having a grand time, making the most ridiculous noises and kicking his paws into the air!

I've taken the plunge and started Judith on solids.  We got the information on starting almost 2 months ago when she had her last well-baby visit, but I didn't feel like she (or me for that matter!) was ready at that time.  But lately I've felt more confident, so we decided to try them yesterday.

We started yesterday off with some rice cereal.  Me in my infinite Midvale-yness completely screwed up the measurements for the cereal-to-formula ratio.  The box said to mix 1 tbsp with 4-5 tbsps (equivalent to 2 oz) of breast milk or formula (in our case, formula).  I couldn't reach my measuring spoons in the cupboard because someone decided to move them to the highest shelf and shove them way in the back (thanks, John...), so I grabbed the 1/4 tsp that I use to add salt to Judith's formula.  Had I thought it through, I would've realized that 4 of those would equal 1 tsp, not 1 tbsp.  So the mixture was pretty runny.

Judith got some in her mouth, but kept spitting it out.  I figured we'd be good to try it today...with the correct measurements.  Not happening.  Judith absolutely HATED the rice cereal.  I don't think she cared for the texture or the flavor, based off of her screaming when I tried to give it to her, after giving her some formula (we did a bottle first, solids second).  I decided to give up on that, and went to get some Stage 1 apple puree instead.  Success!  She loved the apples!  She made some cute "testing new food" faces - to be fair, the apples are slightly bitter, and I doubt Gerber used a sweeter apple to make the puree.  But she enjoyed the texture, and moved it around in her mouth, actually swallowing the majority of it!

Rice cereal = 0, Apples = 1

Needless to say I'm not forcing any more cereal on her!

We're fortunate, because a co-worker of my mom's gave us a bunch of jars of baby food, so I can try out different fruits and veggies with her before I make my own purees.  I know a lot of people are either one camp or the other, but I want to make sure Judith actually likes something before I invest the time in making my own purees of something.

I'm hoping that she continues to do well with the solids, but I have a feeling we have a long, slow road ahead of us when it comes to introducing things beyond purees.

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