Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Since everyone and their uncle on the east coast is more than likely blogging about this, I may as well jump on the bandwagon and write my own post haha!

I went for another get together/play date with Meg, Amy, and their absolutely adorable kiddos - we met up at Long's Park.  We had a very nice picnic lunch, and were sitting on the ground with the babies when we felt a slight rumbling/shaking.  We all thought we were going nuts, and figured it was a large truck driving by that caused the ground to shake a bit.  None of the kids really reacted to it.

As I was leaving, John called me, and during our conversation he said they thought they felt a "tremor" at the bank.  I got excited and said, "No way!  We felt it here too at the park!  That was definitely an earthquake!"  I just kind of assumed the fault that runs through our county ruptured again and it could be felt in our immediate area.

A little later, I found out that the quake was a 5.8 and happened in Virginia.  Not what I was expecting, and I was surprised that we felt it all the way up here.  I was even more surprised when I heard it was felt as far north as the New England states, and as far west as Detroit and Chicago.  Some of the ladies I talk to that are from Canada (and live in the Toronto area) said that it was felt all the way up there.  Wow!

There is zero damage, but PennDOT is inspecting a bridge in the city - there's a crack in it, but they're not convinced it's from the earthquake.  Nevertheless, they have to check it out and fix it to make it safe for travel again.

My mom's work building was actually evacuated.  She told me that there was a cracking/creaking sound heard, they were moving around, the building was swaying, and her windows were moving (she's on the 3rd floor of the building).  Crazy!

The dogs were with my dad this afternoon, and they definitely sensed it coming.  Lady was the biggest clue something was up - she was plastered to my dad, and was climbing all over him begging to be held.  Lady never does this with him, and is extremely selective with whom she will be held by/whose lap she will sit on - it's usually me, and even that's a rare occurrence.  Mr. Sensitive Buster was the least fazed by the event, and even got down off of my dad's lap while the shaking was happening.  Lady's still acting weird, and won't get too far away from me.

What a day, and I know I'm not going to forget this get together for a long time!

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