Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Buster! And A Recap of the Week

Today is Buster's birthday - he's 6 years old!  He decided to celebrate today by napping, chewing his rawhide, demanding lots of scratches and belly rubs, using Judith as a salt lick, barking at a small animal under the trees near the railroad tracks (and getting scared and charging back to the house), and humping Lady while she played.  He wasn't too thrilled when I sang "happy birthday" to him this morning (he has this aversion to being sung to - long story), but other than that he seems pretty happy.  :D

Last week was pretty busy!  Judith got to go to her first VBS.  I took her to my parents' church for Panda Mania, and she enjoyed herself!  We went Monday night and heard the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal (she was less than thrilled when a large sized Hershey bar was the sacrifice), and we went Thursday night for the closing, hearing the story of Hannah.  She got to watch the Chadder videos, and "talked" to my dad while the crews were discussing (that was pretty darn cute if you ask me!).  We had a huge meltdown on the way home Thursday, and it's mostly my fault - Judith was way overstimulated, she was tired, and it was super dark outside because it was cloudy and rainy.  I should've left earlier, but she seemed to be doing fine, and I thought she'd fall asleep during the closing.  I left before the program was over though, and got maybe a mile away from the church before having to pull over and try to console her.  She kept crying and screaming, and in the end my parents had to follow me home, with my dad riding in the back seat with Judith to keep her calm.  She was perfectly fine once she fell asleep, and was fine once we got home.

We had an appointment at the CF clinic last Wednesday.  She had a good appointment, and her pancreas is still functioning normally (yay!).  We did get a new weight and length, but I'm going to wait to post that until Wednesday (hah - I'm forcing you to come back and read her 8 month post)!

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