Sunday, June 3, 2012

18 Months (or 1 1/2 Years)!

I simply cannot believe how fast time is moving, and I can't believe I'm writing an 18 month post already.

Judith, you are 18 months old (or 1 1/2 years old) today!  You are growing up so fast, and in the past 3 months you've had a developmental explosion!

Your highlights since your 15 month "birthday":

* You had your first positive throat/sputum culture for pseudomonas, and needed your first round of TOBI to eradicate it.  As a result, you got your first nebulizer, and learned how to deal with nebulizer treatments.

* The whole family and some of our friends participated in our first Great Strides walk to help raise money for you and the other 30,000 Americans who are fighting this disease.  Our walk alone raised over $107,000 and our team met the goal we set early on!

* We fought our first battle with the insurance company to try to get you coverage for your last Synagis shot of the year in April.  They denied the appeal, and we had to go under a stricter lockdown as a precaution.

* Your second Easter came and went, and you had your first egg hunt in our front yard.

* You had your annual evaluation for Early Intervention.  You were discharged from PT services because you started walking right before Easter, and it was determined that you would benefit from Speech Therapy.

* You had a couple appointments at the CF clinic, and 1 appointment at the NICU clinic.

* You are doing so many new things, and interacting with us, the dogs, your grandparents/great grandparents, and other people in new and exciting ways!

Judith's 18 Month Stats
Adjusted Age: 1 year, 3 months, 2 weeks, & 4 days

Weight: 19 lbs 7 oz (as of 4/2/12 - this stat will be updated later in the week after Judith's well baby visit)

Length: 29" (as of 4/2/12 - same deal with this stat as with her weight)

Hair & Eye Color: You are finally getting more hair, and are beginning to develop some tiny curls!  It has a reddish tint to it, kind of like Mommy's.  Your eyes have more brown in them, but are still leaning toward the hazel side as there is some blue around the edges.

Teeth: For 6 months, you have been a teething machine and working on those 1 year molars.  I am happy to say that you FINALLY cut your first one sometime between 5/27/12 and 5/28/12!  It's not fully in yet, and you definitely have 2 more queuing up.  We're expecting those to cut through at any time.  So far, your total tooth count is 9, but will soon be 11.

Clothing: You're getting to be a big girl - we moved you into all 9-12 month clothing this past weekend.  You wear size 3 shoes.

Diaper Size: You just moved up to size 4 diapers during the day, and still wear a size 4 at night.  They are still pretty big on you, but I'm sure you'll fit more comfortably in them very soon.

Diet & Nutrition: I can tell you're truly a toddler - you are getting so picky with your food!  We are trying to pump as many calories into you throughout the day as we can, and we're discovering new, high fat options every day to try with you.  Since we're in the summer months, some days you get a break from your Pediasure and are allowed to have some Gatorade with additional salt (for the really hot and humid days) in between your meals to help you stay hydrated.  So far, you have not been a fan of the Gatorade, but hopefully you'll adjust to it.  You're still drinking Pediasure as your main source of liquids, and consume an average of 24-32oz each day.

Developmental Milestones: You are doing so many different things since I wrote your 15 month post!
* Walking!  You're pretty fast!
* Trying to figure out how to run
* Chase the dogs and play with Lady, all while giggling up a storm!
* You babble like crazy, and are stringing together different sounds
* You started to wave bye-bye and hello consistently
* Words you are saying consistently and semi-consistently: baby, dada, Boo (for Buster), Dee (for Lady), boon (for balloon), bye, ba (for bang, said while we're watching The Big Bang Theory), dah (for done).  You can also sign "more" and "all done".
* You dump toys out of a bucket, put pegs into a hole, pull toys out of a container, and put toys into a container.
* You can turn the pages of your books, and love to point to different pictures and words!

Happy 18 months, Judith!


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