Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's Like A Furnace Outside

This is seriously the worst part of Pennsylvania summers.  Granted it's nothing compared to what many people deal with in the southern states, but when it gets this hot and humid here, it's bad.  Humidity and I don't get along, period.  Apparently Judith is not a fan either.

Because the air quality is crappy as a result of the very high temps and the humidity, we have to stay inside in the a/c.  You know when they issue the alerts and say it's "unhealthy for the sensitive?"  Well, Judith qualifies as one of the sensitive because of the CF, and her docs want her safely ensconced in an air conditioned abode.  Last year, the temperatures were much higher for much longer, but it wasn't as bad staying in because Judith wasn't nearly as mobile as she is now.  This is only supposed to last 2-3 days, but it might be enough to drive me crazy!

I've also been implementing our hot weather backup plan that I got from our nutritionist, and have been offering gatorade with some extra salt added in so we're sure Judith's replacing what she's losing.  I keep hoping that Judith will take a liking to the gatorade, but so far no luck.  Maybe that will change as she gets used to it (cross your fingers!).

A friend of mine who is a fellow preemie mama described it best: thanks to this heat and humidity, it's like we're stuck under lockdown all over again.  Blah.

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