Thursday, June 28, 2012

Big, Exciting News!

First of all, as everyone is now aware, the Supreme Court upheld the Health Reform Act, and I am very pleased with this decision!

But there is something else, something bigger, that has excited me and given me hope:

The final phase 2 study results of the study of VX-809/Kalydeco combination has been released, and it shows significant improvements in lung function!

The biggest improvements were seen in patients with 2 copies of the DF508 mutation, but patients with 1 copy also saw improvements, even though they were smaller improvements.

Pivotal studies will be started for those with 2 copies of DF508, and additional studies are going to be done with the VX-809/Kalydeco combo in those with 1 copy of DF508.  You can read more about the upcoming studies and the phase 2 results here.

It's really happening - we're taking that huge step closer to a cure!  The future doesn't look quite as gloomy.

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