Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How Is It Possible...

... that on Monday I will have a 2 year old?!  The last year went quickly, but (not surprisingly) was a little less of a whirlwind than Judith's first year.  There are still a lot of raw emotions surrounding her birth that are taking longer to heal than I thought, but as of right now I feel excited for another big milestone for her.  She's almost completely caught up, and while I'm still a little nervous about not adjusting her age, I think I'm ready to face that new chapter with her.  I'm grateful that her health is as good as it is, all things considered.

It's funny, though.  She's not 2 yet, but holy hell she's been acting like a true 2 year old for a few weeks!  The tantrums, mischief, frustrations, whining, and sometimes defiance are a whole new ballgame.  Today was almost nightmarish, and was downright exhausting.  Discovering that tonight is full moon helped explain a lot of things, and now I understand why I want to pull my hair out!  The dogs weren't helping, either, and you would think that they're completely ignored day in and day out based on the way they were trying to shove each other out of the way for attention.  They listened about as well as Judith, and I swear it was like having 3 toddlers in the house.

I hope tomorrow's an easier day.  At least we'll get a clean start after a good night's sleep.

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