Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy Birthday, Judith!!!

It's hard to believe that another year has flown by, and Judith is already 2 years old.  If you're a new reader/follower of my blog, you can find the link to Judith's birth story on the right with the rest of our pages.

This is going to be a slight adjustment for us.  Symbolically, I'll be shedding the preemie tickers here on the blog and in the online forums I participate in.  Realistically, we're now in that unfamiliar, uncharted territory of putting so much of her "preemie-ness" behind us.  I'm sure I've mentioned it before: it's defined so much of our lives for the last 2 years, and while it's time to move past so many of those things because she's overcome them, it'll still be a big part of who Judith is and her whole story.

I'm feeling more excited this year about her birthday than last year.  The cloud of uncertainty from CF still hangs over us, and I realize that her breaths may be numbered.  BUT... over the last year with the FDA approval of Kalydeco and the progression of the studies for VX-809, I feel like there is more hope for her to eventually have a long and normal life.  Coupled with the fact that she has done relatively well over the past year with the CF (save for the pseudomonas infection), has made incredible progress with her milestones, and is practically caught up, I feel like we have even more to celebrate and be thankful for!

Now, without further ado, Judith's birthday letter!:

Happy 2nd birthday, Judith!  This year went by really, really fast, and you've made so much progress!  Mommy, Daddy, Buster, and Lady are very proud of you!

Since I wrote your 21 month post, a lot of different things happened:

* You had a massive language explosion, and are adding at least 20 words a week to your vocabulary.  Most of them aren't consistent and unprompted, but you're getting there.

* Believe it or not, we had another hurricane hit our area this fall.  Hurricane Sandy was worse wind-wise than the storms last year, but we didn't experience as much flooding.  You handled everything well, and didn't get scared by the howling winds.

* As a result of Hurricane Sandy, we had to postpone your fall CF Clinic appointment.  Dr. G. was ok with waiting a month and a half when an appointment was available, so we have a visit coming in a couple weeks.  You'll be getting your annual labs done.  Sorry, kiddo.

* You had 2 MRSA infections that sucked massively.  I know it was painful for you to have the abscesses drained, and I feel bad that you had to go through that.  Fingers crossed, it looks like we got rid of it after the 2nd round, and you haven't shown symptoms since.

* Your second Halloween came and went.  You dressed up as a flower this year, and loved your costume!  The only trick or treating we did was with your grandparents and great-grandparents and at Daddy's work because we weren't sure if our town was still holding trick or treat night due to the hurricane.

* You experienced your first major election!  You charmed the pants off the poll workers, and were fascinated with all of the buttons (and watching Mommy push them).

* You got your first pair of glasses!  Your eye doctor thought it would be best to go ahead and start correcting your vision now, and the difference has been remarkable.  Once you realized you could see better, your fine motor skills with certain things improved greatly, and you really started taking off!

* You got to meet one of your cousins and your aunt and uncle for the first time at Thanksgiving!

* You are absolutely in love with Buster and Lady.  You love to play with Lady, and ask them for kisses (which they're more than happy to give, especially if you have some leftover food on your face). You've been learning how to be gentle, and have been doing well.

Judith's 2 Year Stats
Adjusted Age (one last time): 1 year, 9 months, 2 weeks, and 3 days

Weight and Length: I don't have current updates.  You have your well baby and clinic appointments coming up, so we'll get your stats then.

Hair & Eye Color: No major changes with your hair.  It's growing, but very slowly.  Your eyes are more brown than hazel.

Teeth: Still waiting on those 2 year molars to pop through!

Clothing: 12-18 month

Diapers: No changes, still in size 4's

Diet & Nutrition: If we had no idea you were a toddler based off your age, we'd be able to figure it out very quickly based on your eating habits.  You are super picky, and really won't eat much of anything these days.  Once we discuss this with your nutritionist and your doctor at clinic, we should have a better idea if it's just a toddler phase or if something else is up.  I'm glad you enjoy your Pediasure, and are drinking at least 32 oz of that every day.  Right now some calories are better than none, but you're really making us pull our hair out with frustration when you refuse to eat!

Developmental Milestones:  I thought you had a language explosion when I wrote your last month birthday post.  Holy smokes, was I in for a surprise, and realized that what you were doing was nothing compared to what you would do over the next 3 months!  Like I said earlier, you're adding at least 20 new words a week, and some weeks you've added 50 or more.  You never cease to amaze us and make us laugh with some of the crazy, completely random words that you pull out of nowhere (and repeat often; example: Ahoy!).  This is really the last area that you needed to catch up in, and we think you're there, if not past where you should be.

Happy birthday, sweet girl!  We're so proud of how far you've come, and we love you very much!