Friday, December 7, 2012

2 Year Stats

Judith's 2 year well baby was this afternoon, and her pediatrician's pleased with her progress!  The real test will be to see what her CF team thinks when we go for our next appointment, but for now, I'll take what we can get!

Since my mom got a new job and her vacation time is nowhere near what she previously had, John went along to the appointment with us.  I was counting on it being another nightmare of an appointment, but Judith gave us a huge surprise!  Things didn't start out too well, and she didn't want to walk out of the waiting room, so John had to carry her, all while she was crying and saying "Bye bye!" to anyone that would listen.  She had a small fit while we were taking off her shoes and pants, but calmed down once we set her on the scale.  For the first time, she got to stand on the big kid scale!  I think that helped calm some of her nerves since it's a novelty right now.  She started crying and saying "All done!" when they tried to measure her height with the big kid measuring device, but we got a good read before she pushed the nurse away.

Her official 2 year stats:
Weight: 23 lbs (8%)
Length: 32" (10%)

I was glad that we got a digital read on her weight!  Her pedi is pleased with her weight gain since her 18 month visit, and she surprised me with how much she gained, but this is a sticky area that I always worry about what her CF team will say.  Judith's still petite, but is following her own curve so that's good.

Anyway, Judith did really well with the blood pressure cuff when the nurse took her BP, and Judith was extra good for Dr. W. during her exam!  She was happily showing off her language skills, saying things like "Circle!  I see circles!" and "It's a boo boo."  Dr. W. echoed what Judith's speech therapist has been saying: based off how many words she's picking up and starting to chunk together into small sentences and phrases, she may not qualify for services after her 9 month quarterly.  At the very least, we'll probably be scaling back.

Judith did have a very slight temp this afternoon, 99.6┬║.  We know she's teething, so it very well could be from that, but at the same time I'm keeping tabs on it in case it gets worse and she's getting sick.  Her lungs sounded pretty clear, so that's always a positive thing to hear!  Judith also got 2 shots today: her 2nd HepA and the pneumovax (the extra 23 variant pneumonia vaccine, since she's in the high risk group).  I was hoping we could do the pneumovax to get some extra protection into her, but wasn't counting on having to do another shot.  I thought for sure that we were caught up, but we missed the 2nd HepA dose somewhere along the line.  It's no big deal now, because I know we're caught up!

I hope I don't jinx things, but I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that her clinic appointment will go just as well and she won't be terrified.

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