Friday, February 15, 2013

Big Girl Vitamins

Over the summer, we talked to Dr. G. and our nutritionist about possibly transitioning Judith to a chewable vitamin since she was doing relatively well with chewing harder things.  Right around the time we finished the opened bottle of liquid Aquadeks, she went on antibiotics for one of the MRSA infections on her skin, and refused to take the chewables.  Instead of pressing the issue with her, I decided to hold off until she was finished with the antibiotics, and things were delayed further after the latest round of bactrum and the new bottle of liquid vitamins that we had on hand.

The other day we finally finished off the last bottle of liquid.  Instead of ordering a refill when I knew we were getting low, I decided that we would try transitioning her to the chewable version again.  The first day was kind of a fail, because the vitamin is kind of big, and it was a lot for her to handle (she's a fairly dainty eater, and typically likes her food presented in small chunks).  Day 2 I tried breaking it in half, and we had success!  She's still a little hesitant at times, but is adapting well to the change.  I'm pretty excited that she's able to take "big girl vitamins," even if that does mean she's growing up fast.  The liquid Aquadeks, while necessary for her to take, stained a lot of the things it came in contact with (clothes, skin, plastic, silicone), so it's kind of nice to be able to move away from that.

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