Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Knew It Was Too Good To Last

Judith was doing really well with the new set of frames.  Almost too well.  She was on a good roll, but decided to end the streak today.

In a fit of toddler giggles and hilarity (at least according to her standards - I wasn't nearly as amused), she thought it would be awesome to stand on the couch and try to run away from me while I was trying to wrangle her into her vest for her morning treatment.  Why she thought it would be a good idea to climb and half dive over the arm of the couch is beyond me.  One second I'm listening to her laugh hysterically at me trying to chase her, and the next second she's flying over the couch and landing on her face on the floor.

Hand me my "Mother of the Year" trophy now, because I laughed pretty hard at her flipping over the arm.  What can I say?  I have a tendency to laugh when people fall, especially if they're not hurt (which Judith wasn't - she cried right away, and it startled her more than anything, especially since the distance from couch to floor is not that great).  Laugher turned to annoyance, though, when I put her glasses back on after she stopped crying and let me put her vest on.  Apparently her frames took the brunt of the impact, and were seriously lopsided.

So we made a totally unplanned trip to her ophthalmologist's office today to get them readjusted.  In the grand scheme of things, it's not a big deal.  I just wasn't planning to go out in the cold and windy conditions.  It was an easy fix for them, and the optometrist saw right away why we were there.  5 minutes later everything was adjusted to where it needed to be and we were on our way home.  This is another time where I'm grateful that stuff like this is covered under the warranty for her frames!

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