Saturday, March 2, 2013

Giving Something New A Shot

The liquid bactrum, as expected, was as much a success as it was the last 2 times she had to take it.  So, not at all.  I even hid it in some tasty grape juice, and she thought it was more fun to hit the cup and spill grape juice all over the place rather than just drink it.  I called the clinic the next day and asked if we could get a re-issue of the prescription, and get pills instead.

I picked the new prescription up on Thursday, and so far we're getting a little more into her system than we previously were.  I'm grinding the pills up and hiding them in some applesauce, but she's still fighting.  Right now, I think we're moving more into the camp of "Hey, I'm a toddler and I'm going to act like you're pouring a cocktail of hot wax, lava, and 50 ghost chilis down my throat even though I know that's not the case."  But, at least she's getting something, and it's more than what we would've gotten into her with the liquid.  I'm still holding out hope that she'll cooperate in another day or 2 and start taking everything.

In other news, I'm excited to say that Judith can identify all 26 letters of the alphabet, as long as they're capital letters!  I credit the constant reading of Star Wars ABCs and Dr. Seuss' ABCs 50,000,000 times a day.  She's also pretty slick at identifying most of the characters in the Star Wars book, something that makes my inner nerd very happy.  She's able to identify a few lower case letters that look similar to their upper case counterparts (like o, x, and z), and is starting to identify some numbers (usually 8, 3, and 2).  It's always funny when I ask her what a number is, and she'll respond with "2."  If I say, "no, look again," she'll respond with, "not 2!"  Crazy kid.

She cracks me up regularly with the things she says, or the words she comes up with to identify objects.  Last weekend, she laid claim to one of our clips that we use to hang our tea towels in the kitchen (they're similar to this, but are different colors).  She brought it into the living room to show it off to my dad and me, and was calling it a "mystery."  I could not figure out what she meant until my dad said that it looks like a question mark, and she's associating that with the question mark they use for the Mystery Mousketool on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  It was pretty funny once I understood!  Now she runs around the living room showing off her "mystery," and started to identify the "mysteries" in her books.

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