Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cleaned Out

Judith had an appointment at the CF Clinic on Monday to follow up with her latest backup.  While she wasn't 100% cleaned out, we did manage to get the bulk of it to move!  There was still some poo stuck in the right side of her colon, so we had to continue doing the miralax 3-4 times a day to try to get rid of that.  Yesterday it looked like things were at the point her team wanted them to be at, and today we got the ok to go back to a regular diet instead of staying on liquids!  Yay!

I was concerned about a cough that was developing, and made a point to mention it during her visit.  Her lungs sounded clear, which is good, but Dr. G. decided to do a throat culture to see if there could be anything festering that's causing the cough.  I'm hoping it was just from all of the pollen in the air, and not the MRSA flaring up or even a pseudomonas infection.  I should know the results next Monday.

Being hospitalized really set back Judith's compliance with appointments.  We were on a good path where she was more ok with her doctors examining her, and didn't scream bloody murder, but those days have flown out the window.  While she didn't necessarily shriek like she has in the past, she did make herself as stiff as possible, was shoving away Dr. G's hands when he tried to listen to her, covered her mouth with her hand (that was actually rather amusing, because she didn't do it before and discovered that she could do that to try to prevent him from getting the cotton swabs in there), and clamped her jaw shut so she could try to avoid the culture.  I know it'll take some work to get her back on the better path again, but for now I feel bad for her because she doesn't quite understand that visits now aren't always going to mean needle sticks and NG tubes.

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