Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Weekend Fun

We had a long and busy weekend, but it was a blast!  The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and I'm so glad that it's really feeling like fall.  The cool weather made our weekend activities that much more enjoyable, and it was nice to not be sweating our butts off like we were earlier in the week!

On Saturday we decided to go spend a few hours at Hersheypark.  It was a nice change to be able to walk around in jeans and a long sleeved tee instead of shorts and a tank top and still feel like you have to remove about 5 layers including some layers of skin just to cool down!  The temperatures didn't even get out of the upper 50s, which was unexpected as they thought it would get into the 60s, and with the cloud cover I was hoping that it would mean the crowds would be minimal/mostly locals would be milling around.  For a while, we didn't have to worry about long waits or bigger crowds, but as the afternoon went on it filled up so we decided to leave since Judith was starting to melt down anyway.

Sunday was more typical of what Sundays usually are, except we had the chance to go to my cousin's house so we could visit with them and my aunt and uncle.  They were at the shore for a few days, and stopped there before they headed home.  My decision to spend the day with Judith at my parents' worked out well, because they got to see Judith again.

On Monday, we had the rare treat of John taking a day off and being able to go do something fun as a family.  Normally when he has a day off he uses it as a work day for church stuff, but since the weather was awesome and we knew school was in session, we decided to go to Zoo America for the morning.  Judith had a blast looking at so many of the animals, and absolutely loved the fish in the pond in the bear habitat.  I wish I would've been able to take pictures, but my new camera body hadn't arrived yet (side note: I'm 99.99% sure my camera body was fried one of the days during Judith's hospital stay, because I stupidly didn't think to take it and myself out of the room the night they did the x-ray in there. It was a used body to begin with, and was a fantastic starter body to get into the DSLR world, but it was still an expensive mistake, and a really dumb one as well.  I learned my lesson, that's for sure.  And now I'm getting a super early birthday/Christmas present so I have a camera and can take lots of pictures again.).  She did well for the first half of the zoo, but about halfway through she just didn't have the attention span anymore so we called it a day and went to get lunch.  We're already planning to go back again in the next couple of months, especially since I want to try to hit the habitats she didn't really get to see because she was done.  Anyway, we finished off our adventure with a trackside lunch on our way home, and Judith was so excited to see 3 trains!

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