Wednesday, September 25, 2013

(Not Quite So) Wordless Wednesday

I just realized I never updated after Judith's eye exam last week.  Thankfully, there isn't a lot to report!  Everything's looking good, and while she struggled and fought the exam a bit, it really wasn't too bad and could've been much worse.  Her vision did change, but it wasn't anything major and was just the normal changes they see at this age as they grow and all.  So a new, stronger prescription was needed, and we also got a new pair of frames since her last pair was getting small.  These frames are bigger, and I'm extra excited for her because she has "big girl" temple pieces!  No more cables that wrap around the ear!  This means she'll be able to learn how to put them on herself, and she'll have an easier time pulling them off while I don't have to worry about her throwing the adjustment out of whack.  They're big, and we're back to a point where they're sliding down a lot (which means a lot of reminders from me for her to push them up so she can see properly), but it won't be long before she grows into them.

This is from Monday, after we picked up her new glasses:

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