Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Culture Results

No changes from the normal!  It's both good and bad, because the MRSA is still present, but she's not growing pseudomonas or anything else.  We also finished the antibiotics, and Judith's finally closer to her baseline.  She's coughing here and there on her vest, which is good, and it's nothing that's really concerning to any of us so Dr. G. wants to just monitor instead of doing a second round of bactrim.

I was able to get some pictures at clinic this time.  I usually only get to take pictures during vitals since I'm always busy talking with the team in the exam room, but since I was working on a video for our Great Strides team, I made sure I got a few shots.

Judith's getting much better with wearing a mask at clinic.  It usually comes off in the exam room, but that's ok.

She was NOT a happy camper!

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