Thursday, February 3, 2011


We're home!!!

John & I went to the hospital early this morning & did a day watch session with Judith.  Everything went well during that, and we returned her to the NICU after her noon feeding so they could examine her one last time.  After watching the CPR video and Shaken Baby video, signing tons of paperwork for discharge, getting instructions on how to mix the NeoSure with the breastmilk, receiving a list of follow-up appointments to make, and one last feed in the NICU, we left for the last time around 3:00.

It's bittersweet - we've spent the last 9 weeks going back and forth daily, and had the opportunity of meeting some great nurses and doctors who did an awesome job caring for our little girl.  Judith has come such a long way under their care, and I can't possibly thank them enough!  I know they're doing their job, but it's the extra personal touch that so many of them have that made our stay there special.  But I'm glad to finally have her home, even though I know that John & I aren't going to sleep well the next couple of nights.  It's going to be a major adjustment for everyone, but once we settle into the new routine things should feel more comfortable.

The dogs have done very well so far this evening.  Lady sniffed Judith, but otherwise doesn't seem too interested.  Buster has been very curious, and tries to sniff her whenever he can.  We're making sure to give them extra love so they know that we still love them just as much as before, but we're also trying to help them realize that there's a new person in the house that will love them as well.  It's going to take time, and I'm sure they have some adjusting to do too - they'll settle into a new routine along with us.

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