Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Product Review

And now for something completely different.

I'd like to do a product review since I can't think of anything else to write about.  Hopefully I can make this a regular feature, and maybe some of my readers will discover a new product to try with their child/grandchild.

Today's product: the Moby Wrap (

There is a trend in baby wearing right now, and I think it's a good thing, especially for parents and grandparents of preemies.  You get an extra level of closeness with your infant, and you also have the benefit of having your hands free to do other tasks (like blogging, for example!).  Many products are on the market, and I received a few second-hand before Judith was born.  However, after reading reviews on The Bump,, and Babies R Us, I decided to invest in the product known as the Moby Wrap (or Moby for short).

What is a Moby?  It's a long piece of fabric made of 100% cotton (organic options are also available).  It comes in a variety of colors and patterns, and anyone can use it, men included!  The Moby comes in a fabric storage bag and has an instruction booklet explaining a couple different ways to wrap it on your body, as well as some different holds to use with your baby.  I personally found the directions straight-forward and self-explanatory; however, I do know some people have problems getting the wrap "just right" through the instructions alone.  There are numerous videos on the internet (You Tube has some great ones - just search for "Moby Wrap") showing you how to wrap your Moby around your body.

The fabric supports the baby, and also distributes the weight evenly around the body.  Unlike other carriers, one part of the body does not have to bear the bulk of the baby's weight.  The wrap can feel bulky, and I'm guessing that it could get warm wearing it over the summer.  But it is very easy to use once you've gone through the process of wrapping and inserting baby a couple of times.

I absolutely love my Moby!  Judith likes to be close, and also likes to be held upright against your chest, and the Newborn Hug Hold provides her with that closeness to me while I have my hands to do other tasks around the house.  She relaxes completely and takes a good nap when I have her in the Moby.  I think it reminds her of when we did Kangaroo Care in the NICU, and offers her a different sense of comfort than when we hold her bundled in a blanket.

One caution: like all other carriers and wraps, you must be careful about the positioning of the baby.  When using any carrier or wrap, please make sure that your baby's airway is not cut off, and make sure that their head is positioned so their airway is clear!

Truly, this is a great investment, and I would strongly recommend the Moby to anyone who is having a baby or has had a baby and said infant is less than the recommended weight of 35 lbs.

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