Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Today Is the Last Day of...

...seeing "gestational age" in my signature ticker on The Bump.  As of tomorrow, it will change to "adjusted age."  Tomorrow is Judith's original due date.

We've had a lot of things happen since the last time I was able to update.  Nothing monumental, but for me, anything that breaks up the monotony is a big deal right now.  My grandparents made visits within the last week, and they all had a chance to hold her for the first time.  We were at the pediatrician again yesterday for a weekly weigh-in and Judith's 2 month shots.  She weighs 5 lbs 13.5 oz - almost three times as much as she weighed at birth!  And thankfully we haven't had to deal with any adverse reactions to the shots (knock on wood - I don't want to jinx it!).  Judith was cranky at first, but for the most part she's been very tired.  She's eating well, almost better than she has been and I hope she keeps it up.  We have permission to increase her intake by half an ounce to see how she does.  We have to go back to the pediatrician next week for a follow-up for reflux, and we very well might have to come home with baby Zantac.  Reflux is very common in babies, so I'm not worried.  My cousin's baby was on some sort of reflux med for a long time, and he's a chunky monkey now!

Mom & I had to go to Babies R Us this past Saturday.  We were going to try to increase the flow speed in the nipples for Judith, and we had purchased 2 prior to our trip to try them out.  They're actually too fast at this point, so we're sticking with the slow flow until she grows into the medium.  At least we have the mediums now for when we're ready for them, so no loss there.  Anyway, we also had to get 3 boxes of new diapers because I refuse to use the crappy Pampers Swaddlers with Dry Max.

I am trying to figure out a few things: 1. Why won't Pampers make the Baby Dry version in a newborn size; 2. Why I have to go to a specialty place like Amazon Mom to order the swaddlers like we had in the hospital (not that there's anything wrong with Amazon Mom, but I needed the diapers fast and couldn't wait for 2 day shipping); and 3. Why in the world does Pampers still continue to make diapers with the Dry Max option when most people complain about them?  I'm not going to complain about the chemical burn thing that some parents are having issues with (and it ultimately caused them to switch types/brands quickly) - Judith wasn't in them long enough to even get a regular diaper rash.  What I do have a serious issue with is the overwhelming chemical odor.  The Dry Max diapers emit this wretched chemical smell when dry, and it's three times as bad when it's wet.  I actually had to put Judith down one evening because I couldn't stand the smell of the diaper any more - I was getting a headache from the smell, and I can't begin to imagine what it was doing to her having to wear them.  My decision to switch was a quick one, and thank goodness Pampers has some common sense and made the Sensitive Swaddlers with and without Dry Max (so you have a choice).  Mom & I got 3 boxes of the sensitive swaddlers, and everyone is much happier.  Plus you get more diapers in a box with the sensitive swaddlers, for about the same price you pay for the regular swaddlers with Dry Max.  Go figure.  Once Judith grows a bit, I'm sticking with the Baby Dry diapers!

Point of the Story: If you use the Dry Max diapers and have success with them, congratulations - use whatever makes you happy.  However, I would never recommend them because of that strong chemical odor - I can't see how it's safe to breathe in that stuff, let alone have it constantly touching my baby's skin (and she gets regular diaper changes).  If you like Pampers, go with the Sensitives without Dry Max, or try the Baby Dry option.

*steps off soapbox*

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