Saturday, June 18, 2011

Random Saturday Musings

I am currently watching Man v. Food Nation on the Travel Channel, and all of the pizza talk is making me insanely hungry for a really good pizza.  Not the crazy spicy one they're showing, but a good, NY style pizza.

Judith is finally napping.  She's flying between a really good mood to being super cranky and waking up every 10 minutes.  We're in a long stretch right now, and I don't want to jinx it.  She'll probably be up in less than a half hour anyway, ready to eat.

Speaking of eating, Judith tried more solids over the past couple weeks!  Her list of foods she can eat includes apples, bananas, sweet potatoes, and peaches.  I had to start adding cereal to all of her purees, per her pulmonologist, so we can be sure she's getting enough calories from everything.  The dreaded rice cereal made a comeback, but now that it's masked in something else the hatred isn't as intense.  I want to get some oatmeal and try mixing that in with the fruits, especially once we start giving her 2 solid meals a day, so she has a little more variety.

Lady has claimed yet another thing as her own.  This is the dog that slept for a grand total of 1 night in her dog bed (their first night here after their adoption was finalized), and the next night decided that she is allowed to sleep in our bed.  She loves the blankets on the floor, but didn't blink an eye when I had to pack up their dog bed for space reasons.  Well, guess who has a new dog bed?  Yep - Lady has now claimed Judith's moses basket as her personal space.  Earlier this week, I came upstairs to change Judith, and Lady was curled up in the basket, snoozing away.  She's laid in there quite a few times since.  The real kicker is we could go out and buy her her own basket-style dog bed (or any other type of dog bed for that matter), and she wouldn't use it.  But because the moses basket belongs to one of Lady's humans, the little snot decided to declare it "hers."  Hello, Boston Terrier property laws!


  1. Soon we'll be trying to hide green beans in mashed potatoes instead of rice cereal in purees.

    Also, Boston terrier property laws sound like beagle property laws.

  2. Glad to hear that Judith is doing well. And you know I love to hear about Lady. She is such a cutie. I remember that Lady and Buster loved the children in their previous home, and I'm sure they will love playing with Judith as well. Give them both hugs and kisses from me!