Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Well That Was A First

This post is partially about poop.  If you are squeamish, turn back now.

Are you still here?  Good!

Today was Judith's first official blowout.  I'm glad it wasn't a massive one, but it was still a panic-stricken moment nonetheless!

For some reason, the little peanut decided it would be an awesome idea to take 2 big dumps in a half hour time frame.  She pooped during her noon solids (like she does most days - sometimes I don't bother changing her diaper before eating like I normally do because I'm cheap and don't want to waste too many sposies), I changed her, and got her dressed again.  She didn't take a whole lot from her bottle, but she also ate about 2 oz of pureed carrots.  I thought, "Ok, she should still take a bit more from her bottle, but if she's full I'll let it go."

She was building up for the grand finale.

Fast forward a half an hour, and I had just finished up my lunch and was on hold (again) for a ridiculously long amount of time trying to work out another medical billing issue.  I picked Judith up because she was fussy, and happened to feel moisture around her left thigh.  I thought maybe she peed out of the dipe because I didn't have the ruffles out or something.  My second thought was maybe I shifted her dipe in a weird way when I was bouncing her on my thigh.  So I picked her up and checked things out.  I was promptly greeted by a nice, brown stain.


I peeked inside the leg of her romper, and there was poop smeared on the romper and leaking out of the diaper.  I did a quick inspection of my hands and leg (no poop there thank God!), and rushed her upstairs, phone in hand, crappy elevator music accompanying us.  I had some sample packs of disposable Huggies changing pads, so I ripped one open and put that over the changing pad cover before putting Judith down on it.

The kid was a mess, but it was contained to her legs.  I used 984921382466978432166735 wipes on her and the romper, and put the new diaper on.  I decided against putting her in another romper in case she decided to go for dump #3 and potential blowout #2 (haha - see what I did there?), and put her in a onesie.  By this point I was beyond caring that it was a PT day, and scrapped her looking a little nicer for the practicality of preventing another possible ruined romper.

I put the outfit in the tub with some cold water and called my mom to ask how to get poop stains out of clothes.  Thank God for Oxyclean!  My mom suggested I soak it in water with some oxyclean, so I read the directions and got it set up.  After a 5 hour soak, I washed the romper with more Oxyclean, and success!  There is only a faint stain on the romper, mostly contained to the elastic band!  Woot!

We have 2 new doggie obsessions in our house: both Buster and Lady have laid claim to the Moses basket (Buster was in it just this morning), and Lady is completely obsessed with Judith's percussor.  The dog hears the clapping noise it makes and freakin' stalks it for the entire time I do Judith's CPT.  The dog is flat.out.nuts!  She absolutely thinks it's a toy for her, and will stare at it, prance/dance on the bed, and has gone as far as making yelping noises and licking it while I do the therapy.  She's tried taking it a couple times, but knows better than to run off with it.  Crazy dog!

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