Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Eye Exam

Judith had a 6 month follow-up eye exam today, and while I'm thrilled we don't have to go back to that place ever again, I wasn't overly thrilled with having to go and the mess with the receptionists.

I was irked when we got to the check-in desk, because they don't accept secondary insurance, especially MA.  This would have been very nice to know beforehand, because I certainly was not prepared with the main co-pay.  Thank goodness my mom had cash on her so we could cover it.  Nowhere in any of the information that they sent me did it say what kind of insurance they accepted, and I'm glad they took our primary because I would've blown a gasket on them if we got there and they said they wouldn't accept that.  They half argued with me about things, and I said, "Well it would've been nice to know what insurance you accepted before we came here."  Then they asked who made the appointment, and I told them the hospital made it for us.  They were a little nicer to me then, even though I was never nasty to them.  Turds.  /vent.

Apparently this exam was completely unnecessary.  Her ROP was resolved/healed before she was discharged from the NICU, and the doctor that saw her for her eyes dictated in his letter that we only needed to be seen before a year if she was presenting with symptoms indicating vision problems.  Both the nurse and the doc we saw questioned why we were even there, and the whole time I was sitting there a bit irritated that this bit of information was left out of our discharge instructions.  I could've been saved the aggravation of throwing Judith's schedule out of whack to drive all the way up to Bethlehem, through multiple construction zones (thanks PennDOT for not completing your work on time again), and completely missing the place because we couldn't find the road we were looking for and it came up suddenly on us (my mom went along with me to help, and she's old school - she doesn't have a GPS).  We found out that Judith is far sighted - I'm not willing to fully pin that on the ROP, because we have a family history of that - and she will need to be examined again in 9-12 months.  Thank goodness we got a referral to a good opthamologist in Reading so we won't have to travel as far next time.

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