Friday, July 22, 2011

GTG Fun!

Yesterday Judith & I braved the insane heat & humidity to go to a get together (GTG) with 2 awesome ladies I've been talking to online.  We met up at the mall - we originally planned on the park, but once we saw the extreme heat headed our way we decided to go somewhere air conditioned but with entertainment for the older kiddos.  It was a bit surreal meeting the ladies and their babies in person.  We've been talking back and forth for months, and "knew" each other going into this, but it was still a weird feeling finally meeting face to face!  We had an absolute blast!  The ladies are absolutely wonderful ladies, and very sweet!  Their babies (and the older kids for the 1 mom!) are adorable, and the older kids were so well behaved!  We're totally planning to do stuff like this more often, and we're hoping that once it gets cooler (like when we're heading into fall or something) we can go to Zoo America.  I can't wait!!!

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