Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New 9 month Stats

Judith had her 9 month well-baby appointment today, and things are looking good!

Weight: 15 lbs
Length: 24 3/4" (I know that's less than what I posted in her 9 month post, but that's what they got today haha).

Her head is in the 10th percentile, her length still isn't on the charts, and her weight is in the 3rd percentile - all of these are based off of her actual age.  If we went by her adjusted age, her percentiles would've been 25-10-25 respectively.  Her pediatrician and I are happy with her growth, because it's been steady and consistent so far.

She got her last Hepatitis B vaccine, and got her flu shot.  She goes back in a month to get the 2nd dose - she must have 2 doses this year because it's the first time she received it.  She was flat out pissed about being stuck with needles today, but thankfully she got over it quickly and is now sleeping.

We discussed Judith's vision, and her pediatrician noticed right away that something's up.  I got a referral to 3 different opthamologists, so now I need to call and see if they take our insurance and can set up an appointment soon.

Her pediatrician has this year's round of Synagis ordered, and apparently Judith's at the top of their list this year.  Our insurance should cover it (she has to have it because of the CF), and I'm hoping that the MA will pick up any copays from the primary so our out-of-pocket costs will be minimal (if anything at all).

Unless she gets sick, and with the exception of the shots, we don't have to go back until her 1 year well-baby exam.  I'm happy and sad at the same time, because that means I won't have to drag her out in the cold as much, but I'll also have a toddler at that appointment.  She's growing up way too fast!

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