Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Synagis, Round 80 Billion

Not really, but I can't remember what round this is - 4 maybe?  The important thing is the dosage is in her, and we have another month of protection.

Here's the kicker though: Judith had a repeat performance of last month at the pediatrician's office today.  Know what that means?

She remembers.  Life just got 1,000 times more interesting.

Judith was happy and excited when we got into the car, and contentedly played with her bee during the trip to the pedi's office.  She was happy when I took her out of her seat and walked to the door.  The second we crossed the threshold, she got all serious and started scowling at the office staff.  She scowled at the nurses.  She had a small fit and kept trying to climb up the front of my sweatshirt when I was taking her pants off for her to be weighed.  She hit the scale, and screamed like she was under the cruciatus curse the entire time they were trying to weigh her.  She sat on the exam table, and scowled at some more nurses when they popped in the room to see her/say hi (she also gave them some major side-eyes, and the nurses thought this was hilarious - Judith was no more amused than she was previously).  She started screaming and crying when I laid her back onto the exam table.  Naturally she cried when she was stuck with the needles (which is to be expected), but that was way less of a production from her than all of the other screaming and crying.  What did I do during this time?

I laughed at her.

Mother of the Year, right here.

Of course I comforted her, and tried distracting her with her monkey and stuffed Olivia pig, but she lost interest in them rather quickly.  Even the paper on the table, which usually works wonders as a distraction aid, didn't keep her interest.

Could all of this just be a coincidence?  Maybe.  But it's doubtful, especially since she was worse this time than she was at the previous visit.

I'm glad that I had to take her today anyway, because some of the red flags that I've been monitoring were showing a little more, well, red today.  In the last month, Judith "gained" 4 oz (I use gained loosely, because she was weighed with a wet diaper, a onesie, and socks).  Couple that with the concerns I've had about her poop, and it was enough for me to make a call to the clinic to see what her pulmonologist thinks.  I passed on my concerns, including all of the symptoms I've been watching, and it was enough to warrant him to want to see her sooner than her previously scheduled appointment.  I'm sure she'll be getting more tests done, including a stool study (which I was going to request anyway - it's been a while since the last one) to try to figure out what's up.

This could all be something simple, like she's not gaining as much from being so mobile, or it could be the start of pancreatic insufficiency and the addition of pancreatic enzymes to our daily routine.  Whatever case it is, I'm relieved that they want to see her as soon as possible so we can get on top of this before it becomes a bigger issue.

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