Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tax Season

I'm pretty proud of myself: this year I finished the bulk of our taxes on my own!  Granted I used Turbo Tax, and selected the option to guide me through everything, but I feel like I need a pat on the back anyway.  My mom helped with the local tax and with some parts I wasn't sure about doing (attempting to claim the shitton of medical bills from last year, for example... and we still didn't have enough to claim it even though the amount we paid out of pocket is asinine, especially given our income - thank God MA picked up as much as they did!).  Now we play the waiting game, and I'm hoping the IRS deposits our return into our account quickly.  I'm pretty excited to get this money, because we have enough to do what we wanted plus pay off the remainder of Judith's NICU bill!  I know this is kind of AW-y, but I just can't express how much relief I feel knowing that we won't have that hanging over our heads any longer!

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